How to Use Murals to Add Beauty and Functionality to Your Home

Whether you are planning to build a home, redesign an existing one, or remodel your current living area, a great way to add beauty and functionality to your space is to add murals. Besides the aesthetic value they bring to your home, they can also help you save money by reducing your utility costs and creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

1. Walls

Walls are buildings in a village that block ground troops from attacking. These structures are also useful for defending the resource storages in the village. They are also not targeted by air units.

Walls may be upgraded with Gold and Elixir. They will cost 3M, 5M, or 7M Gold, respectively. In order to upgrade a wall, you must have a free Builder and enough resources. When you have the resources, you can upgrade your selected wall by clicking the Upgrade icon.

Wall Breakers are an important tool in attacking Walls. These explosives inflict damage when they are deployed. They ignore spikes and empty compartments. Depending on the level of the Wall, a Wall Breaker can destroy the Wall within a small radius of detonation.

5. Walls with mirrors

Walls with mirrors can add a sense of space and depth to a room. You can use this design feature in a living room or a bedroom. The mirrors can be decorative or plain, depending on your decorating style. They also can be hung, placed on the floor, or tilted against the wall. You can use mirrors to brighten dark rooms and add light. You can also hang mirrors in small areas such as entryways and hallways.

You can use a small round mirror in an entryway to draw people in. If you have a stairway in your home, you can add a small circular mirror in that area as well. Another great option is to hang a large leaning wall mirror in the hallway. These can create an open feeling, and can also be used for selfies!