Becoming a Residential Locksmith in Sacramento Area

When you are locked out of your house, it is usually a good idea to call a locksmith rather than try to jimmy your way in yourself. This helps to ensure the safety of your belongings and prevents damage to the door.

A good Residential Locksmith in Sacramento CA is able to change locks quickly and without causing damage. To do this, they must have several important skills.

Education and Training

Locksmiths repair, install and service locks that offer personal security. They are an invaluable asset to society, especially when a person finds themselves locked out of their home or car. If you’re considering becoming a Residential Locksmith in Sacramento CA, there are several options for education and training.

Many community colleges and technical schools offer certificate programs that teach students the ins and outs of the trade. These programs may include classes in picking different types of locks and repairing locking systems. Some programs even offer specialized training in fields such as automotive locksmithing.

Other options for educational training are apprenticeships and self-teaching. A high school diploma or GED certificate is required for most jobs in the locksmithing industry. A bachelor’s degree is also beneficial, particularly for those who plan to run their own business.

Several states require that locksmith companies be licensed. A background check and licensing fees are typically required in addition to initial and ongoing training.

Tools and Equipment

A locksmith needs a variety of tools and equipment to perform his job. For example, he will need a key duplicator for making new keys or re-keying locks and software to find code information on vehicles. He will also need a cylinder removal tool, a set of lock picks and various other smaller tools.

If a locksmith is not able to get into a locked door using picking or bumping, he will use a drill to break the pins inside the lock. He will then be able to open the door with the turn of a screwdriver. He will need a decent drill, such as this Dewalt one, available at Home Depot.

Make sure the locksmith you hire has a license to work in your area and is insured. Ask to see their pocket card and verify it has the correct information. They should be a member of an association like the National Guild of Certified Locksmiths. This is an excellent way for them to keep up with industry trends and also have a network of support.


Locksmiths can market their business by networking with other local businesses that have a large customer base, like real estate agents and home repair companies. They can offer discounts to these customers and ask for referrals after the job is complete.

Another way to promote your locksmithing business is through online marketing tools. Many websites that connect homeowners with service providers, such as HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack, can help you find customers. Find out what makes your company different from its competitors and use that as a unique selling point in your ads.

Claiming and optimizing your online business listings, such as Google and Yelp, can also give potential customers a sense of confidence in your business. Using software, such as OptimoRoute, can help you optimize your route scheduling so that your team members spend less time traveling and more time helping customers. Realtime order tracking allows you to update customers if their work crews are running behind schedule.


Locksmiths install, repair or modify conventional security hardware and systems like locks, deadbolts and alarms. They can also rekey locks, provide or make duplicate keys/cards and replace or repair those that are lost. Locksmiths often respond to emergency calls to unlock cars, homes and other property. They can also rekey or replace locks when someone moves into a new house so that only the owner has access.

Many states require locksmiths to be licensed. To qualify for licensure, applicants must pass an exam and undergo a background check. Some state-licensed locksmiths also complete apprenticeships. Locksmiths must have excellent customer service skills, because they often receive calls when people are stressed and anxious. They must be able to calm them and explain the situation in a clear, friendly manner. A willingness to work in a variety of conditions is important, because locksmiths often respond to service calls in bad weather or late hours. They must be willing to travel to client’s locations, as well.